Mike Norris   

  Originally from North Carolina, Mike is a guitarist, songwriter and founder of Six On The Side,
He started playing at a very early age. At 14 years old he was routinely performing live with his band mates in local clubs. Mike being the youngest and the others ranging in age from 18 to 27. It was common to find him practicing 4 to 6 hours every day. A few of his early influences include. Steve Morse, ZZ Top, Yes, Mr. Big, Ted Nugent, Extreme, Boston and Kansas. 

  His latest instrumental single, (released 2022), She Ain't What She Seems, was a finalist in the 2022 International Song Competition. With over fifteen thousand signed and unsigned worldwide ISC entries. It also topped the NYC ReverbNation charts at #1. Mike wrote, produced the song, and tracked all the guitar work. The song is performed by Mike and his band '6 On The Side'.

  Mike is passionate about playing and teaching guitar. He enjoys writing and playing all styles. Including, Metal Fusion, Jazz Fusion, Funk Rock Fusion. But the soul of his playing is Hard & Heavy Hitting Blues. His band mates often refer to his style as a cross between Paul Gilbert and Joe Bonamassa.


Project Sci-Funk 

      Project Sci-Funk is the music collaboration creation of guitarist, songwriter and music producer Mike Norris / artist: Zues Sota. It is a collaboration of top professional musicians from all over the world. Styles range from Hard Driving Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal, Country Rock, Instrumental and Jazz Funk Fusion. Pushing the boundaries of the normal and the technical are at the heart of the project. Giving the listener a new experience in the crowded world of similar sounding music.





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